• A.D.A.P.T.

Network meeting on Nut Island

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Our first ADAPT STN meeting was something of an adventure. Graciously hosted by Love Dalén on Nut Island in the Stockholm Archipelago under cloudless Swedish skies. Our only sign of civilisation was Björn from ABBA’s summer house in the distance. We thus had the perfect environment to debate and discuss why and how ancient DNA can play an important role in our understanding of evolutionary processes. A key goal of the meeting was to generate the outline of a review article that we hoped to submit to one of the European Society of Evolutionary Biology’s journals. The format started as a round table discussion before we broke up into smaller working groups, later reporting back so that we could formulate a consensus on the different sub-topics. Those who have been involved in such activities before will know how intense these types of meetings can be. However, we counter-balanced these focused discussion sessions with evenings of beer, sauna and swimming, which facilitated a more relaxed coming together of ideas and general comradery among the network members. After two days we said goodbye to Nut Island and left with the outline of a review article, a sense of excitement about the potential outcomes of the STN activities over the coming months, and a lot of smiling faces.